I believe audience engagement and social media are an integral part of storytelling. By utilizing various tools, we can include our audience in every part of the conversation. Social media, analytics and social listening help close the gap between our audiences and information. I believe engagement goes beyond 140 characters and is integral to establishing a comprehensive brand.

Leveraging Personal Brands 

Adding to the Conversation

In coordinating with coach, we added an additional layer to postgame coverage by having her tweet her thoughts on her personal account postgame. This 1) increased recruiting touch points 2) added to our postgame coverage and 3) humanized and gave authenticity to our brand by letting the individuals within it shine
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Student-Athlete Education

A look inside a presentation created for a session with our softball student-athletes on the power of personal branding. This project required coordination with our Associate AD and coaching staff.
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Madi and Patty Show

We utilized a duo of seniors and their desire to host a talk show to create an IG TV series that focused on "off the floor" aspects and a get to know opportunity. By knowing personalities on our team, I was able to guide our video content creators and help produce a series unique to our women's basketball program.
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National Exposure

At the University of San Diego, I leveraged resources and media relationships to maximize exposure while strategizing creative content to tell the story of our teams and flexing the strategy to fit within a team's mold.

Softball America - MJ Knighten Embraces Historic Opportunity At San Diego

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NCAA Interview with Myah Pace

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@NCAAWBB Postgame Reaction Video Share

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